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Samsung Galaxy S8+ battery replacement

asked Apr 23 in Technology by anonymous
Any idea how much it would cost? My warranty is still valid, would it be covered? Should I replace it with xcite (where i bought it) or the dealership? I previously replaced a screen with xcite, took one whole week.

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2 Answers

answered Apr 24 by dmcinc (1,970 points)
If its still under warranty its better to just send it back to dealer to claim warranty.

the only problem is battery is hard to claim .  you have to prove its a battery problem.

one of my friend tried it before and they told him that it could be due to applications. they request him to erase the phone and try again.  which is so weird ..

replacing the battery from third party will void your warranty.
commented Apr 24 by anonymous
I did a clean wipe for the phone, there is no change in battery performance. The battery has suddenly degraded and sometimes it would shut down while there's still 60-40 percent left. My warranty is almost over, but going to the xcite service center is such a hassle and they take so long to fix.
commented Apr 24 by Khaled (3,700 points)
xcite center can and will adress it and there really is no hassle. go to them they are in roads behind the toyota car delarship in rai
answered May 1 by dmcinc (1,970 points)
i got mine fixed at baitak tower in sharq there is xcite and al babtain in the same place so no hassle at all.
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