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Are there any cat boarding places to recommend besides IVH?

asked Jul 11, 2016 in Animals by Riba (3,140 points)
Found a place called Pet Land, looked promising, but they are not responding to my inquiries.

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3 Answers

answered Jul 11, 2016 by Wuzzie
O_o ill take care of them and send you pics everyday :D
commented Jul 11, 2016 by Riba (3,140 points)
Thanks, that is a very kind offer. :) One of them is old and can be a real asshole sometimes, I am worried he will embarrass us. :( But it would be a good idea to create a network of cat owners to help each other.
answered Mar 11 by Navin
Do not go to Pet Land. I've seen the facility first hand and TBH it's not very well maintained. IVH is the best facility of them all.
commented Mar 11 by Riba (3,140 points)
I already used their services but I believe you. It made me a bit wary that they never responded to any of my requests to visit them. I just found a site for pet sitting which seems to cover Middle East + Singapore, maybe I will give it a try: www.dupaws.com
answered Mar 17 by Maz
IVH is unfortunately the best so far in terms of normal boarding. The best here though, and its very bad compared to international standards. They spend a minimal amount of time with the cats, and the rest of the day they are left in their cage alone. I've put mine in once during a 6-day trip and she came back beyond depressed. Considering she's very easy going, I now just keep her with willing friends.

I've heard of a pet hotel opening, but I'm unsure of the name or quality of their service. But I assume they will charge a healthy margin over the standard prices of IVH, etc, which are already pretty expensive when compared internationally.

(I also boarded my dog with IVH twice and twice she comes back with sores from anxiety licking. If I have a choice, I wouldn't board her with any place that have the same standards and care that IVH practice)
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