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are there any good daycares that keep kids until 5 when i get off work?

asked May 4, 2018 in Education by anonymous

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3 Answers

answered May 6, 2018 by Riba (2,720 points)
Mentioning an area would be helpful. We found one that is open until 5 PM in Fintas, not sure if that helps you.
commented May 6, 2018 by Khaled (3,780 points)
whats the name of that one, and if you have any experience with them is it any good?
commented May 6, 2018 by Riba (2,720 points)
My son has been going there for the past 4 years (and still has to sometimes). Based on my experience I can recommend them, although I know some people were not happy when I sent them there. They did not like that there was no outdoor playing area and they are in the basement. However, the environment is safe, staff is caring, our son was happy to go there, he learned a lot and did not pick any bad habits....which is all we could ask for. He also passed the admission test for the one of the English schools easily. And probably most importantly he could stay there until we finished our work while almost all other places are open until 1 PM at most.

Here is the link, hope it works out for you: http://www.neveratear.com/index.html
answered May 6, 2018 by Mark (65,480 points)
commented May 6, 2018 by Mark (65,480 points)
nevermind, their aftercare is till 3PM not 5
answered Aug 30, 2018 by nabu145 (480 points)
Yes again depends on the below information
- Need a reasonable one?
- Would you have any preference in the area/ location?
- What about the nationality of the management - Arab/ Asian/ American/ European?
- What about the timings?
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