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Where can I find a vacuum cleaner with water filter?

asked May 4 in Housing by Ana_031
First of all, I must say that I still can not believe that finding a vacuum cleaner with water filter is like winning a lottery. In Kuwait, country full of dust.

I checked in Xcite, Eureka and Best Alyousifi and none of them have that kind of vacuum cleaner.

I'd like to have such a vacuum cleaner because it makes living environment a much healthier place and it's a must have in a country like Kuwait if people care about the health of their family.

Anyway, so far these are my favorites:



Anyone knows where to find those?

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2 Answers

answered May 5 by Mark (59,960 points)
Xcite are the dealers for both the brands you've listed. If you can't find it with them checkout Amazon.co.uk

commented May 7 by Ana_031
They don't have non of those, I already checked. Amd thanks, but I'd like to buy this in Kuwait if possible because of potential returns if something is wrong with the product.
answered May 6 by anonymous
check out Equipment Co. http://www.equipcokuwait.com they're the authorized dealer for kaercher brand.
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