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will there be a fine if i drive 90km on 80km on gulf street

asked May 5, 2018 in Automotive by anonymous

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3 Answers

answered May 5, 2018 by Mark (63,780 points)
the maximum speed on the gulf road is 80 but if you're asking if you'll get caught by a speeding camera if you're going 90, then no you shouldn't get caught since the cameras give a bit of leeway.
commented May 6, 2018 by anonymous
thanks mark!
answered May 6, 2018 by momo
i hear u get 19 leeway, so if its a 120 area u can drive up till 139 and the camera wont catch u...not sure tho
commented May 6, 2018 by Khaled (3,740 points)
yup, being doing that and luckily have not ever got snapped
answered May 7, 2018 by syedfraz (680 points)
For a sure answer, All the Over Speed cameras installed in Kuwait, are to capture once +20 km/hr are detected. (This way no one can claim or contest that their speed readings were showing less). So for a
1- Speed Limit 120 km/hr -> The capture takes place at 140km/hr,
2- Speed Limit 100 km/hr -> The capture takes place at 120 km/hr,
3- Speed Limit 80 km/hr -> The capture takes place at 100km/hr

But with the recent, new over speed cameras, the Left emergency lanes have been included, therefore anyone driving on the left emergency lane will be captured above 45 km/hr (But not sure at what speed the camera captures the car). Also, right now, it does not capture all the vehicles driving in the emergency lane between 10 pm and 6 am.

The Over speed/Traffic signal cameras should also be considered. They captures vehicles passing at the Red lights. PLUS they also capture vehicles travelling at speeds over 100 to 120 km/hr at the green lights (This is rare)
commented May 7, 2018 by Why
Why you giving all this evidence??  I’m sure most people know. You are just triggering the MOI  to correct the speed limit ffs
commented May 7, 2018 by Mark (63,780 points)
I can confirm the emergency lane camera will catch at any speed over 45. I was demonstrating to a friend how it wouldn't if you drive under 65km, i was embarrassingly (and hilariously to them) wrong.
commented May 8, 2018 by afnanzn (700 points)
and friends never let you forget your embarrassing moments, never ever.......
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