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I want to hold my girlfriends hand in public. is there a law against it?

asked May 5 in Personal by anonymous
Someone told me i couldn't do this, and when i stopped laughing, they told me they were serious...wtf?

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7 Answers

answered May 5 by Killshot (580 points)
I am your mother, no I am serious. Now, do you believe me? What proof do they actually have, have they stated any laws, do they have any expertise in the field of law. While it may be rude to just straight up tell them you're full of shit you can nod and then do your own research and then talk about it the next time you meet them. Insert typical "I am not a lawyer" advice here. See I'd humour you if you said kissing, but holding hands, really.... are you that dumb ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
commented May 6 by Mark (54,360 points)
You actually never know, there could be an old law that states members of the opposite sex who aren't related or married aren't allowed to hold hands. I mean technically I think the law states you aren't even allowed to be in the car with the opposite sex. the law is just not enforced.
commented May 6 by Killshot (580 points)
Yes, that was why I included the cliche "I am not a lawyer" disclaimer and urged op to make their own research, because this is all pointless speculations. Op doesn't know, I don't know and mark you don't know either you are just speculating like the rest of us. I just don't want op to take everything people tell them at face value just because they said they were serious or "promised".They probably keep on believing that you HAVE to drink 8 cups of water a day (you overhydrate which is a big problem), that fingerprints are a foolproof method to identify criminals and that sitting close to the tv permanently damages your eye. So on the bright side, you don't have to squint to see those details from 10ms away but you can be charged with a crime that happened in another continent just because you share similar fingerprints (which has happened before). Who knows maybe I am full of shit, the only way to figure that out if op does some research rather than taking advice at face value because sometimes people try to help but end up spewing lies without them knowing it.

Here's some faulty fingerprint stories: https://www.bu.edu/sjmag/scimag2005/opinion/fingerprints.htm
commented May 7 by anonymous
I bet people tell you you talk a lot
commented May 7 by afnanzn (460 points)
i bet he doesn't allow people to talk at all
answered May 6 by anonymous
Why do you want to hold her hand?
commented May 6 by afnanzn (460 points)
to protect her hand from sunburn duh!!
commented May 6 by anonymous
Holding the foot does not seem like a practical option.
answered May 6 by anonymous
I always hold my wifes hand and never had a problem with it.
answered May 6 by anonymous
If you're an expat, there's no problem. Nobody will question you. If you're a local you might be beaten up by her brothers/cousins.
answered May 6 by Khaled (2,580 points)
there is no such thing
answered May 6 by anonymous
You think too much LMAO
answered May 6 by anonymous
handholding! How lewd!! You should be ashamed!
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