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closed Which is best shipping service for sending packages internationally

asked May 5, 2018 in Personal by Killshot (750 points)
closed May 6, 2018 by Mark
I am trying to sell a bunch of my stuff on ebay and I want to know which is the best shipping service. I tried selling locally on some websites but wow people in Kuwait are very cheap, I mean I always thought everyone here was super rich but my god.... this whole experience has been a whole eye opener. It's been a few months and I've given up on selling locally it's just not worth it even with the shipping cost I can still earn more plus the longer my stuff stay the more they deteriorate in value. So what are the best shipping options available.

P.s:Please include prices I am selling old dvd, games they should be just an envelope and at best 0.1kg

1 Answer

answered May 6, 2018 by Riba (2,660 points)
I get you pain, I already asked the same question for the exact same reason:


There is EMS service in Kuwait Post, check Mark post here:


I learned that a couple of locations offer this service, Mishref being one of them too.

Not sure about their reliability though. :(

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