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xcite for 0% interest on credit ?

asked May 10, 2018 in Technology by dmcinc (1,970 points)
any idea what they mean by 0% interest on cash price then down it says buy on credit!

do they mean if you pay on cash full price it will be 0% interest ( Like dahhh is cash )

or they have credit option on 0% interest?

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2 Answers

answered May 10, 2018 by Mark (66,340 points)
selected May 14, 2018 by dmcinc
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I just saw what you're talking about and I was confused for a second and then realized what they mean (i think).

Back in the day they would have two prices. Lets use a dummy product called iPhone XYZ

iPhone XYZ
Price: KD125
Cash Price: KD100

So when you wanted to buy it cash its KD100 but if you wanted to buy it on installment its KD125 + interest.

I guess what they're saying is you can get the items on credit with 0% interest for the cash price. ie: they're no longer inflating the price for credit purchasers
commented May 10, 2018 by dmcinc (1,970 points)
its still a bit confusing since this offer was there for a long time ago i think since last year ive seen this 0% interest .

example on their website the alienware 15 is KD 579.9
so if it is 0% interest it should be only KD 48.325 monthly for x 12 months

but on their website for 12 months i have to pay 57KD
I know the KD 57 mention on their website is reference purposes only but when you go there it can be even more that 60KD ish

let say 57 x 12 = 684 ..... that is a Kd 104.1 interest OMG that is 18% interest.  ( Worst than a bank )

i know since i got my DJI Drone their on installments. from 350 ish became 480 ish (6 months installment)

what is the difference between credit purchases and installments ? isn't it the same ?
commented May 10, 2018 by dmcinc (1,970 points)
Nvm thanks mark
I completely just now understood  heheheheeh

Your right.
answered May 11, 2018 by Jad

To add to marks response below, the 0% no interest on credit installments is an offer valid for almost all categories (excluding mobile and IT).

How it works is as follows:

- you receive 0% interest on installments for a duration of 1 year (12 months)
- the credit purchase you do must be over 24 months

It's fairly simple and if you visit any of X-cite's showrooms you can speak directly to their easy credit representative - they should be able to assist you further.
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