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Can I start business with my current job as well ?

asked May 13, 2018 in Personal by anonymous
I want to start my own business as well as want to continue my current job as well.
Is this possible according to Kuwait Law or what should I do to achieve this?

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2 Answers

answered May 13, 2018 by anonymous
Yes you can start a one person company.
answered May 17, 2018 by anonymous
You can’t work two jobs without permission from your sponsor.....if you’re Kuwaiti, no issue. You can’t get a business license unless you’re Kuwaiti and only to Kuwaitis who are enemployed, not a student and not working in public sector.
If you’re caught working on the new job during the hours of the old job, you could get fired from the old job.
commented May 18, 2018 by anonymous
I think you can have a business licence while working in the public sector, but you have to have someone to run the business for you, on paper
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