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where can I buy and install NEST THERMOSTAT In Kuwait?

asked May 15 in Housing by kk12002 (3,820 points)
xcite has An old listing and souq.com has too. but I need  to know if there is a store in kuwait that sells and official support and installation for the same..

Thanks all

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5 Answers

answered May 15 by anonymous
Honestly, I bought many from Amazon online at better prices,
and the instructions to install are SUPER easy
answered May 15 by Mark (54,360 points)
xcite should have it unless its out of stock since they carry nest products
answered May 15 by anonymous
Go to X-CITE (Avenues). They have them buy the entrance to the right with the rest of the smart home appliances.
answered May 15 by dmcinc (1,670 points)
i think its out of stock
they use to have the 3rd gen


according here it says  (This Product Is No Longer Available Or Has Been Discontinued.)
answered May 16 by anonymous
Get it from US via ShopnShip or Amazon
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