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Hi. Kindly help me with the procedure to bring my family to Kuwait on a dependent visa. (European citizen). also can i convert a visit visa to dependent visa after arrival?

asked May 15, 2018 in Other by anon

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2 Answers

answered May 15, 2018 by opx
You need to go to the nearest jawasat or passport office of ministry of interior depending on your civil id address.

there will be a typing office there , you can submitt you copies of your passport, civil id , copy of your wife and child passport

not sure if you need proof or affadvit to prove that this is you wife and child.. normally you may have a marriage certificate and a birth certificate .. that may be needed or translated to arabic

also you may need to have you isnamal copy (work permit copy) check with company. hr or mandoop..

they will make application form filled for you

take that to the passport office and take a token at the family visa application section

they will verify and give u another token, if all papers not there they will tell to get it and come

they will check paper and ask to put 5 or 10 kwd stamp (not sure what the current rates are)

and they will enter details in computer and give you a visa for wife (dependent visa no)

u need to sent to wife via courier

similar for visit visa also

you need to check what is the procedure at your country..

if you are a eu citizen you can maybe get visa on arrival for your wife check
commented May 20, 2018 by ANON
answered May 15, 2018 by Dan_inKuwait
edited May 15, 2018
Starting this process with my family right now who are here on visit visas (I assume you can get Visa on arrival?).

You need an apostilled/authenticated copy of your marriage certificate and each child's birth certificate.

That's as far as we've got. I still don't know about the criminal check or health examination....  answers are hard to dig up here.

But my company's HR people have told me that my wife and family will have to leave the country and re-enter to activate their residence visas when they are finally issued (Hello, Dubai for the weekend??).  

When I find out more, I'll update on the process.
commented May 20, 2018 by anon
thank you @ Dan_inKuwait
do let me know of your progress.
commented May 27, 2018 by anonymous
Any progress?
commented Nov 1, 2018 by Dan_inKuwait
It's more complicated than I initially imagined!  But what a great way to keep a bunch of mediocre people employed...

After getting 1/2 way through the this BS, my only advise is to hire a mandoob.
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