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If I sign up to Viva's Internet, would I still be able to use my own router?

asked May 19 in Technology by Mark (61,580 points)
I've got WIMD right now but due to a new building that got constructed recently, it's now blocking my internet signal so I'm thinking of signing up to Viva's internet since I get around 15Mbps on my phone right now.

I've never really used an internet service like this before so have a few questions.

- I have a pretty badass router now, the Netgear Nighthawk. I need it to be able to cover my whole house with wifi. If I get one of the viva routers, would I be able to connect it to my current home network so I can continue to use the Nighthawk?

- If I get my own Netgear 4G router, would I be able to use my viva sim card in it? Like would Viva give me all the info i need like username, password (if they actually use these) so I can set up the sim card in my own router?


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5 Answers

answered May 19 by Mustapha
selected May 19 by Mark
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1) Yes you will be still be able to use it, you'll have to configure your Netgear Nighthawk as an access point and connect it to your main Viva router through an ethernet cable, that's all.  I know this from experience and I'm assuming you're using the R7000 router, I own the same.

2) Yes, you can use any sim card compatible router, all you need to do is insert the sim card in the router, the router itself will grab the configuration of the operator automatically.  I did this recently, I own a Zain Huawei E5186 router, cancelled my subscription with Zain and got a data line from Viva, all I did was pop in the new SIM in the rotuer.

Let me know if you have other questions.
commented May 19 by Mark (61,580 points)
answered May 19 by anonymous
they have a branch in marina mall near the samsonite showroom you can check there..also u can chat on their website and ask..
commented May 19 by Mark (61,580 points)
already tried the live chat and salespeople won't have these answers. Customer support is for normal questions like how much does this service cost? But once you go more technical the people you are talking to generally don't have the answers.
answered May 20 by dmcinc (1,970 points)
if you have an unlocked netgear nighthawk router you can put any sim you please.

i dont think you need anymore info since all the settings are already save inside the sim card, once you insert that sim internet should start working fine automatically.
answered May 20 by ahmed20n8 (220 points)
Since you have never used a 4G service before, be aware of fair usage policies of each 4G company. All of them have different limits, since you have asked about viva make sure to ask them the per day limit of your package. I recently got 500GB viva data line (PostPaid) and later came to know that it has a limit of 17GB per day after which the internet remains slow for the rest of the day. And for the router Neatgear 4G router (MR1100) is the best choice it has a lan port also which can be used to connect to your existing network.
Hope it helps :)
answered May 22 by anonymous
Viva doesn't really have username and password to configure access points on 4G routers. Keep in mind if you're going to get a 4G router, get an unlocked one. But if you're only going for Viva get a router that's locked to viva from them if that's what you prefer.
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