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Anyone noticed that Kuwestions section is blocked on Ooredoo network seems fine on other networks

asked Jun 2 in Technology by anonymous
Just noticed that kuwestions.248am.com is blocked on Ooredoo, any idea why ?

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6 Answers

answered Jun 2 by The Machine
I just noticed. I googled where to find Yeezys in Kuwait but the website was blocked. Now I’m on VPN. So weird.
answered Jun 2 by anonymous
It isn't blocked with me on Ooredoo.
answered Jun 2 by anonymous
same here its blocked on ooreedo

but working fine on my zain
answered Jun 2 by Mark (61,580 points)
I just left them a tweet, will see what the reason is
commented Jun 2 by anonymous
I bet it has to do with some of the crazy questions lately.
commented Jun 3 by Moe
The whole site wasn’t working in Turkey last summer aswell ( local internet providers) hope it’s fixed going there soon
answered Jun 3 by anonymous
reshown Jun 3 by Mark
Blocked on Fast Telco too
answered Jun 5 by Marue
Its Unblocked Now
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