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There are no official apple stores in Kuwait?

asked Jun 9 in Technology by anonymous

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4 Answers

answered Jun 9 by anonymous
2 in dubai
answered Jun 9 by Mark (61,580 points)
There are a few authorized Apple resellers but we don't have an official Apple Store in Kuwait.
answered Jun 10 by anonymous
Sentence can be turned into a question just by adding a question mark?
commented Jun 10 by anonymous
lol get a life
answered Jun 14 by DJN (1,870 points)
There is a very weird reseller here called Digits (Marina Mall). I visited them to check out the features of the iPod Touch. The display piece was not even switched on, and neither was the sales guy willing to turn it on.

Reason given: you can check the features online and besides, its the same as iPhone 7 (which by the way was also a switched off demo piece!). The worst untrained staff ever!
commented Jun 14 by anonymous
u can visit xcite and they are also having all apple product turned on and can try in avenues
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